2019 Dominelli Classical Guitar

2019 Dominelli Classical Guitar
Luthier Website: dominelliguitars.com
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I had a special treat this week when local luthier Marcus Dominelli dropped off a guitar for me to try out. Such a warm bell-like tone, great balance, and amazing volume. I’m a long-time fan of Dominelli guitars and his latest double tops are particularly amazing because you get all the responsiveness, big tone, and volume of a double top but with a fairly tradition classical guitar sound. It’s a winner. This is not a review, just a fun look at the guitar. Keep in mind that my room is quite reflective and I’m no recording expert. It has normal tension carbons on it. Sounds lovely in person.

  • Double top – Cedar inner layer, Spruce outer
  • Ziricote Back
  • 640mm scale length
  • armrest (love it)
  • raised fingerboard (love it)
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  1. WOW ! beautiful guitar Bradford , bet it sounds fabulous. I just purchased an older ( 2006 ) Cordoba Custom artist series guitar from a used online dealer. Cost was 1199. it was in near pristine condition, looking to be hardly played. It is opening up nicely now a week later and lots of playing time. Love the sound of the Spruce top and flamed maple b&s ! This guitar is a keeper. Sounds almost as good as my expensive luthier made instrument. Too bad Cordoba discontinued this line back in 2008.

  2. Beautiful aesthetic and sounds wonderful. Surprised though to see that the nomex inner sandwich layer is so visible through the spruce outer layer.

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