Adam Kossler Performs Sonata K3, L378 by Scarlatti

Adam Kossler performs Sonata K3, L378 by Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), arr. Kossler (originally for keyboard, usually harpsichord). This comes via  Strings by Mail and their YouTube channel with audio and video by Drew Henderson. Great playing by Kossler who does a nice job bringing out the repeated motifs in this work. Scarlatti always reminds me that the Baroque era was incredibly musically diverse. Just thinking about the range of music, from the older style of Bach, to the smoother galant style, to Scarlatti’s influences in the Spanish plucked instrument realm.

Out of interest, here is the score and Scott Ross performing it on harpsichord.

Shockingly I couldn’t find any high quality performances on harpsichord (in terms of video production that is). But this one by Kazutaka Tsutsui on a facsimile instrument is ok, at least it’s up close.

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