Alec Holcomb Classical Guitar Concert

Alec Holcomb performs a live concert at St. Marks Lutheran Church in San Francisco, CA. This comes via the Omni Foundation online series and their Youtube channel. Also check out Holcomb’s YouTube channel. Great performance and really nice arrangement of the cello suite by Spanish cellist and composer Gaspar Cassadó (1897–1966).


  • 1:15 Sing Me into Singing by Daniel De Togni (1993- )
  • 7:27 Grande Ouverture, Op. 61 by Mauro Giuliani (1781–1829)
  • 15:56 Mistral by Reinhold Westerheide (1958– )
  • 19:11 Imbricatta in 10 asymmetrical layers by Sergio Assad (1952– )
  • 27:23 Suite for Cello Solo (arr. Alec Holcomb) by Gaspar Cassadó (1897–1966) I. Preludio-fantasia III. Intermezzo e danza finale
  • 39:03 The Claw by Jerry Reed (1937–2008)
  • 41:43 Prelude Op. 28, No. 7 by Frédéric Chopin (1810–1849)

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