Allan Willcocks (Tilman Hoppstock) – Guitar Composer

Guitar composer Allan Willcocks (1869-1956) is a fictional composer, a pen name for Tilman Hoppstock. It was somewhat obvious from the slightly humorous biography and dedications but nevertheless the works continue to be played. But he even made fake facsimiles for the score as an elaborate ruse. However, one need not listen to the works with less appreciation; but for reasons of legitimacy, everyone should know it is not legitimate so they don’t mistakenly use him in any academic situations or refer to him as a historical composer. There was even a wiki article about Willcocks at one point with full bio and historical info, but it was removed. None of this is news, back in 2012 Hoppstock confessed, see the below (you can buy the issue at the link). Also he now fully publishing the work along with his name attached. Issue #345 – May 2012 – Classical Guitar Magazine

“Author’s Note: The following article concerns the composer Allan Willcocks and discovery of music authored under his name. Ever since this news story broke in early 2010, the existence of such a composer was challenged. Tilman Hoppstock, the man behind the discovery, has now confirmed that Allan Willcocks is a fictional character created as a guise for his own compositions.”

The sheet music on Hoppstock’s own site PRIM-Musikverlag now clearly states the information. This is a bit weird now because the editions come with ‘facsimiles’ of the period works which will be of absolutely no use other than humour.

“Under the pseudonym “Allan Willcocks“ Tilman Hoppstock has raised the world of impressionism.”

Hoppstock himself also mentions it in this video at 0:30 “under my pseudonym Allan Willcocks” if you still have doubt!

Allan Willcocks (1869-1956) Works

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