Andrea De Vitis Plays Into the Rose-Garden by Gilardino

Andrea De Vitis plays Into the rose-garden (in memory of Julian Bream) by Angelo Gilardino (B. 1941). This comes via his great YouTube channel. The passing of Bream has brought back so many memories of the excellent work and music he accomplished but also the creation of some new music which is nicely fitting for someone who championed so many new works.

Great playing by Andrea De Vitis with some beautiful spacious moments and excellent phrasing. I’ve always been a fan of Gilardino’s writing, especially the etudes, but this is particularly nice. Reminds me a bit of Hans Werner Henze. Couple of cool things about this recording: it was recorded on one of Bream’s favourite instruments, a 1961 Hauser II guitar. Also, the recording is an analog recording (on actual tape). For all you kids out there, that means no computers. Filmed at the Villa Falconieri – Roseto di Roma Capitale (The Rose Garden in Rome).

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