Anton Baranov plays Gran Fantasia de Concierto ‘La Triunfal’ by Sagreras

Russian guitarist Anton Baranov plays Gran Fantasia de Concierto ‘La Triunfal’, Op.107 by Argentine composer/guitarist by Julio Sagreras (1879 -1942). This comes via Baranov’s YouTube channel. Brilliant playing as usual by Baranov. Great contrasts between extroverted virtuosity and sensitive and flowing phrasing in the melodic sections. Here’s his YouTube description which is great:

Let me tell you a story. Many years ago the guitarist Jovan Jovovic from former Yugoslavia was touring Soviet Union. His encore was a ‘holy moly’ piece called ‘El Colibri’. Since then in Soviet Union and modern Russia Julio Sagreras has been known only by this short piece of music, which is ridiculous, cos one of the pure guitar stars of La Plata region of the first half of the 20 cent, such as Julio Sagreras, deserves a better position today. In order to fix it, I recorded Sagreras’ bigger work called Grand Fantasia de Concierto ‘La Triunfal’.

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