Anton Baranov Plays Prelude No.5, Op.11 by Scriabin

Russian guitarist Anton Baranov plays Prelude No.5, Op.11 by Alexander Scriabin (1871-1915), originally for piano. This comes via his amazing YouTube Channel. Scriabin was a Russian composer and pianist with a whole range of fascinating biographical tidbits (read Baranov’s description below or visit the Wiki). Beautiful playing and arranging here a lush and full sound and flowing lines. I’ve heard lots of Scriabin arranged for guitar but this one feels more at home than usual. Bonus points for the thumb-over stretch. Here’s Baranov’s write-up:

Happy 150th birthday dear Alexander Scriabin!

Born on Jan 6, 1872. Yoga practising and mysticism, sinestesia and discoveries in the area of harmony that’s not the full ID of Scriabin! His early piano works influenced by Chopin and playable on guitar! Here is my spontaneous transcription of his prelude op 11 n 5. Dispite the low quality of this vid (shooted with my phone and old recorder) decided to share with you anyway! Stay healthy and enjoy New Year and Xmas time!

via his YouTube Channel.

Here’s a video of Greek pianist Vassilis Tsabropoulos playing the work on piano. I’m guessing the strange egg on the piano is recording light from the booth!

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