Ara Dinkjian Plays Oud via The Met

First Video: Keesher Bar (Night Dance), written and performed by Ara Dinkjian. Featured oud (ūd): Manol by Emmanuel Venios (Greek, active Turkey, 1838–1915/16), Ūd, 1916, Istanbul, Turkey. Spruce, mulberry, various woods, mother-of-pearl, mastic. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Amati Gifts, 2014 (2014.522a, b).

Second Video: Gurbet O Kadar by Yildirim Gürses performed by Tamer Pinarbasi (qānūn) on the left, Ara Dinkjian (ūd) in the middle, and Glen Velez (bodhrán) on the right.

These come via The Metropolitan Museum of Art and their YouTube channel. Organized by the Department of Musical Instruments. Filmed in the The Koç Family Galleries featuring Carpets, Textiles and the Greater Ottoman World and Arts of the Ottoman Court (14th–20th centuries), on August 1, 2018. Production support was provided by The Augustine Foundation.

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  1. This is really amazing music! Another one I love from this channel is Wu Man playing “White Snow in Spring” on the pipa. Definitely worth checking out!