Baroque Guitar Works on a Saers Guitar A90

Baroque guitar works performed on a Saers Guitar A90. Here I’m performing two Baroque guitar works to get a bit more out of the Saer guitar that I recently reviewed. The first work is a beautiful little Aria by Italian Baroque guitarist Francesco Asioli (1645-1676). The second work is La Esfachata de Napoles (The Girl from Naples) by Spanish Baroque guitarist Gaspar Sanz (ca 1650-1710). I have sheet music editions and lesson videos for both works at the links below.

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Aria and Capriccio by Asioli, Grade 6-7

Gaspar Sanz Collection Volume 2, Baroque, Grade 4-7

Saers Guitar A90 Summary – The Saers Guitar A90 is packed with features usually found on much higher priced guitars. The solid woods, lattice bracing, raised fingerboard, 12 hole bridge, French polish top, high C, tuners, and responsiveness all contribute to an excellent value at this price. With a big sound, clean workmanship, and a high level of playability, this is going to be a popular instrument. See all my gear here:


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  1. Thanks for the lovely performances and showcasing the Saers A90 guitar. Perhaps I missed it in your video review or the associated text — what brand and model of strings were on the guitar?

    • For the Saers A90 I put on Savarez New Cristal Creation strings. This is their regular nylon string but with a carbon 3rd string only. It’s hard tension here but I usually recommend the normal tension for most students (and myself lots of the time).