Beijing Guitar Duo Play Scarlatti

beijing-guitar-duoBeijing Guitar Duo playing Domenico Scarlatti’s (1685–1757) Sonata K.141.

I’m always impressed with the ultra clean and crisp playing of the Beijing Duo with Meng Su & Yameng Wang. They are particularly suited to this as the original was for keyboard (harpsichord) and they keep the rhythm and clarity of the musical figures. This is live from a concert in Qingdao, China (July 2014).

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  1. Seems to have started very fast and lost some tension by the end. Whats your take on that? Wonderful machine gun fingers but the trills were unworkable at that tempo I thought.

  2. All the right notes, somewhat. It wasn’t played with much soul, at least to my ears. I think if they played this slower, they would have been able to play with feeling. This simply sounds like a lot of notes to me.

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