Bozhana Pavlova Plays Drei Tentos by Henze

Bozhana Pavlova performs Drei Tentos from Kammermusik (1958) by Hans Werner Henze (1926–2012) on classical guitar. This comes via Siccas Guitars and their YouTube channel. I love the Drei Tentos and can’t help to feature them whenever they appear. The concise and lyrical writing with the somewhat looser late-20th century musical language is a favourite of mine. Great performance by Pavlova with a clean delivery, sharp contrasts, and beautiful phrasing. It’s a difficult work and always to a joy to hear new performances.

These famous short works for solo guitar come from Hans Werner Henze’s larger work Kammermusik (chamber music) written in 1958, and originally dedicated to Benjamin Britten. Kammermusik is a 12-movement chamber piece for tenor, guitar and eight instruments set to texts by the poet Friedrich Hölderlin. There are also three songs for tenor and guitar that come with the solo score of the work.

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