Bradford Werner plays Weiss

I was trying out some new gear and a beautiful chapel near my house. I plan to record there but this first session was just an experiment. Hope you enjoy. Performed by Bradford Werner in Victoria, BC, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church.

E Minor Suite by Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750)
Originally ‘Suite in Ré mineur’ (Dresden Manuscript)

Sheet Music: Although I’m playing my own edition (unpublished so far) I recommend you use this one via Amazon: Baroque Guitar Anthology (Noad)


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    • Hi Paul,

      I saw your comment on the site. The Weiss Fantasia is usually in D minor with a dropped D tuning in the sixth string. I’ve also seen successful arrangements in E minor. It really just depends on the sound you are after. Basically, any key where you get a low open string works but for a full range that usually means either D or E.