Bradford Werner plays Weiss

bwerner-2010-medIf you don’t really know me yet than “Hi” I’m Bradford, your host here on this is classical guitar. I thought I would share these videos since it cut into my blogging time. I’ll get back to posting articles starting…NOW.

These are just a test run. I was trying out some new gear and a beautiful chapel near my house. I plan to record there but this first session was just an experiment. Hope you enjoy.

E Minor Suite by Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750)
Originally ‘Suite in Ré mineur’ (Dresden Manuscript)
Performed by Bradford Werner, Guitar by Marcus Dominelli
Victoria, BC, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church

Neumann 103’s
Zoom H4N
(That’s it!)

Hi & Low Pass

Sheet Music (I made my own edition which is slightly different but I recommend students use this one): Weiss (Noad) via Amazon









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    • Hi Paul,

      I saw your comment on the site. The Weiss Fantasia is usually in D minor with a dropped D tuning in the sixth string. I’ve also seen successful arrangements in E minor. It really just depends on the sound you are after. Basically, any key where you get a low open string works but for a full range that usually means either D or E.


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