Brasil Guitar Duo Play Bellinati Guitar Concerto

Brasil Guitar Duo

Brasil Guitar Duo with the Sphinx Symphony Orchestra in 2016. They are playing the third movement Ponteado from Concerto for Two Guitars by Brazilian composer/guitarist Paulo Bellinati (b. São Paulo, 1950). Bellinati is particularly well known for three of his compositions, ‘Jongo’, ‘Um Amor De Valsa’, and ‘Baião de Gude’. The concerto was premiered by the duo as their website states, “Eager advocates for both traditional and new concerti for two guitars and orchestra, the Duo premiered a Concerto for Two Guitars and Orchestra by Brazilian composer Paulo Bellinati with the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra in June 2012,, under the direction of Giancarlo Guerrero, and gave the work its U.S. premiere in April 2013.”

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