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Classical guitar luthiery and design articles. Includes posts and videos about luthiers and guitar construction for classical guitar.

Harpo-lyre – three neck guitar

Harpo-lyre, ca. 1830 André Augustin Chevrier (French, active 1820–42) Mirecourt (France) Wood This three-necked instrument features a central neck tuned like a conventional guitar (E-A-d-g-b-e’), plus a neck on the left tuned chromatically (A-B flat-c-d flat-d-e) and one on the…

Scott Tennant plays Wild Mountain Thyme

We were delighted to have Maestro Scott Tennant come into the Guitar Salon International showroom to play a few guitars! Here he is playing his arrangement of ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ on a brand new 2011 Daniel Friederich cedar-top classical guitar.…

Guitar tuners: how they work and some brief history

The title says it all. By reviewing the construction one can easily observe the inventive ideas created by Jorg Graf as well as his excellent attention to detail both as an engineer and a craftsman Source: Youtube – PatrickJamesKearney

Johann Anton Stauffer Guitar ca. 1835–40

Guitar, ca. 1835–40 Johann Anton Stauffer (Austrian, ca. 1805–after 1851) Vienna Wood, various materials (via Johann Anton Stauffer: Guitar (1979.390) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art) Source: