At the Heart Is The Guitar – Documentary on luthier Stephan Connor

A short documentary on luthier Stephan Connor. I used to play a Connor and they are great ‘big’ sounding guitars. Based out of Boston he is one of the great builders of the day with many, many pros playing his instruments.

This is my first work with film, and my first short documentary. It debuted at the Woods Hole Film Festival in 2010. “At the Heart Is The Guitar,” explores the beautiful process of creating a hand made instrument. The film features the life and work of world renowned luthier and all around nice guy Steve Connor. Steve lives and works in Cape Cod, and builds classical guitars for clients such as Eliot Fisk, Zaira Meneses, Angel Romero, Dale Kavanagh & Thomas Kirchhoff of Amadeus duo, and the list goes on. This film gives viewers a chance to see a timeless and fascinating process that few ever witness.

Source: SkySabin – YouTube

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