Idea: built-in design for attaching guitar supports

An idea to integrate guitar support attachments into the design of classical guitars. Let’s do away with suction cups, clamps, and magnets and have it all part of the guitar. It would just be a small hole and then a track (also a hold) in the bottom of the guitar where a guitar support would insert into and fasten.

Yea or Nay folks?


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  1. I like the idea, but apart from the strength issue, how would it effect the tone of the guitar ? you would be adding another, albeit small, sound hole, as well as altering the resonance of the body I expect. Having said that I suspect the other supports also have an effect but this seems to be something that would be more drastic. I would however love to see a solution that is incorporated into the guitar. Who will be the brave Luthier to come out with a prototype ?

  2. Intriguing, but any torque on an integrated support like that would easily tear the side of your guitar apart. Nay.