Z-Skinny Classical Guitar Support

Z-Skinny Classical Guitar Support
Foldable Guitar Support System
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Update (March 2023): As you can see in the above video the design has been slightly updated. In the update video I’m using the LUX model but the new design also applies to the Basic and Compact models. The new attachment plate helps the support stay on better and with way less tape. Plus, the tape has been updated to a gel type that is much more removable. Those two aspects in combination make me much more comfortable with the support on my expensive French polish guitar. Great design updates from this innovative product.

Summary: The Z-Skinny is a beautifully designed and stylishly guitar support with a variety of models to suit the individual needs of the modern classical guitarist. It’s secure, adjustable, and designed to ensure ease of use and longevity. The important innovation is that it’s designed to embed into the contour of the instrument and stay attached in and out of the case. Models include a basic support and a swivel model with options for a bit more adjustability and positioning. The adhesive attachment will be a concern for some guitarists but it’s worth exploring the benefits. It’s an innovative guitar support that everyone will want to explore.

Bottom Line: I love the design and feel of this support and it’s awesome how it fits in case while attached. I’m much less apprehensive about the adhesive with the 2023 updates and the benefits of the support are clear and wide-ranging.

Models I tested out:

  • Basic Type
  • Swivel Type
  • Swivel Type Wide Pad
  • Swivel Type Compact

The good stuff: Clean workmanship, wonderfully designed, and simple in usability. These are great looking supports and thoughtful in design and workmanship. I like the look and feel and that there are no parts that could come loose, fall off, or even fasteners to screw into place. There is a good amount of adjustment to the height and angle but see the video for clarity on that. The idea of a guitar support that stays on the instrument and fits in your case is not only innovative, but likely the projected reality of the future. No more suction cups or clamps or lugging a support around town in your bag. It’s just always there on your guitar. The multiple models will enable you to find the right fit for your instrument and body. If you like the way this support feels, are comfortable with the adhesive, and it fits in your case, this is might be for you.

Also great for youth students: I believe this could be a real opportunity for youth students. I often don’t want to deal with a guitar support with a young student but the footstool is a bit of a pain as well. I always want students to be able to use a footstool but guitar supports highly encourage good playing positions and it’s pretty much the ways things are going these days. A semi-permanent support that can fit in their case could be an excellent solution.

Basic or Swivel? I think the swivel is good as it allowed the leg pad to be at an angle correct for your personal preference. I might have liked the basic model a bit more as I thought it felt just a small amount more secure. That said, my overall recommendation for most people is to get the swivel. Shorter adults and youth can consider the compact model which is only slightly smaller.

Adjustability: The adjustability is generally good. The height and angle was excellent for me personally. It tilted/angled the guitar inward at the top a bit which I wish I could adjust but it was subtle so not a big concern. So good overall adjustability but maybe not as much as the Ergoplay Troster model support or Woodside support due to the tilt adjustment.

Adhesive Removal and Considerations: The adhesive attachment will either be welcomed or a huge concern. Classical guitarists with expensive instruments and finishes will certainly have to think about this. The adhesive is actually removable and the product does come with a wire removal tool but it’s not super easy and it’s on there very securely. The new gel type adhesive tape used in 2023 is much easier to remove making this way less of a concern. The very important instruction for removal is that you want to use the tool to remove the adhesive foam from the guitar support (not the surface of the guitar) to avoid damage. Once the guitar support is removed from the guitar you rub off the adhesive and/or try one of their suggested adhesive removers or solvents that are safe for your finish. I tried it on my cheap guitar and it did come off without damaging the instrument. It depends on how cautious you are with your guitar’s finish. To some extent, I view the guitar as a tool for making music so wear and tear is ok with me. Also, I get my guitar refinished every decade or so. Keep in mind that other guitar supports and general use can cause wear over the years (think suction cups, clamps, or even your belt and shirt buttons). Our nails and random accidents cause tons of wear and tear. Nevertheless, it’s a tough decision but the more I think about it, the less apprehensive I am. If you are happy with the support why not have it as part of your instrument semi-permanently? You don’t want to miss out on a good thing. And having a guitar support always attached could be great. I’m actually impressed with the design and company for their confidence that some people are going to love this aspect. But it won’t be for everyone. I recommend seriously thinking of the benefits of semi-permanent attachment before dismissing it. In many ways, this is the coolest design for a guitar support yet.

Below are some pictures of the supports.

Z-Skinny Guitar Support
Z-Skinny Guitar Support – Closed Position
Z-Skinny Guitar Support
Z-Skinny Guitar Support – Open Position
Z-Skinny Guitar Support
Z-Skinny Guitar Support – It is attached to the guitar in the picture and it fits in my case!
Z-Skinny Guitar Support
Z-Skinny Guitar Support – You can see the leg pad in the top left of the guitar.
Z-Skinny Guitar Support
Z-Skinny Guitar Support
Z-Skinny Guitar Support


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  1. Hello Bradford, thank you for the review.
    Could you please compare the maximum lift of the Z-Skinny with the Ergoplay Tappert. I tried the Ergoplay Tappert and the maximum lift was not enough for me. I think the guitar lift will suit me but the Z-Skinny would be much more handy.

  2. I’ve tried the Z Skinny, the adhesive degrades after 3 months, it moves, it creaks, stuck a new pad on but after a while but it starts to flex. Great design but the adhesive pads let it down.

  3. Can the Z-Skinny be re-attached to a different guitar after it has been removed from the original guitar?

  4. Excellent in-depth review.
    The only extra thing I wanted to see was the ease of putting the device ON the instrument – the positioning, any practical issues etc.
    I am scared I will put in in the wrong spot – so seeing it applied would have helped.