Mystic Flute by Hovhaness (arr. Larget-Caplan)

Mystic Flute by Hovhaness

Mystic Flute, Op.22 by Alan Hovhaness
Arranged for Guitar, Originally for Piano
Arranged by Aaron Larget-Caplan
Edition Peters

You can purchase the hardcopy sheet music from Edition Peters.

Big thanks to Faber Music and Edition Peters for sending me this new edition and arrangement of Mystic Flute, Op.22 by Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000), arranged for guitar by Aaron Larget-Caplan. Hovhaness was one of America’s most prolific composers with over 67 symphonies and 434 opus numbers. His music is influenced by a variety of sources and cultures but his Armenian ancestry and own unique sense of mysticism along with tight compositional skill highlight many of his works.

Great arrangement by Larget-Caplan with no notes removed from the piano score in the guitar version. Larget-Caplan has become well known for his new music commissions such as the New Lullaby Project and his other arrangements such as those by John Cage or his own compositions such as Honey Cadence that I recently featured. Check out more via his website or by my tag on this site.

Publishers’s Description

A sweet miniature composed for solo piano in 1937, Mystic Flute consists of two voices: a simple melody in the harmonic minor scale balanced by an ostinato accompaniment in 7/8 meter that gives the work a hypnotic and ceremonial spirit. The melodic line begins in the top voice, before moving to the bass voice, and returning to the top voice with small ornamentation. No notes were removed from the piano score, and all dynamic and phrase markings follow the original score as well. This arrangement was premiered on July 29, 2018 at the Coaster Theater in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Mystic Flute by Hovhaness

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