Celil Refik Kaya Plays Valses Poeticos

Celil Refik Kaya - Guitar

Turkish born but New York based guitarist Celil Refik Kaya playing Spanish composer Enrique Granados’ (1867–1916) Valses Poeticos on a beautiful new 2015 Kenneth Brogger ‘1890 Torres’ classical guitar via the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA. You can also check out the GSI on their YouTube channel. As I’ve mentioned before, Kaya is an exciting player with risky tempos but he keeps his cool and pulls it off nicely. Impressive reflexive virtuosity, light but shocking and caffeinated. Also some nice sweet moment too. “Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1991, Celil began his interest in classical guitar at the age of six…” read more of his bio.

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