Christophe Dejour Plays Berg Op. 1


Christophe Dejour plays Opus 1 by Alban Berg (1885–1935). For all you students out there Berg is one of the more important composers of the 20th century, to date his Wozzeck is the most widely performed opera among the Second Viennese School. He is often thought of as being more emotional/human than Schoenberg but who could say such a thing? He did have more Viennese tradition and romanticism in his music. This comes via Christophe Dejour’s Youtube, I don’t much about Christophe except for his Naxos ensemble recordings and that he sent me a note saying “best wishes from Copenhagen”. Nice work on the Berg!

Out of interest here is one of my favorite pianists playing the piece: Marc-André Hamelin plays Berg Op. 1.

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