Confesion by Barrios for Guitar

Confesion by Agustin Barrios Mangore (1885-1944) – “Also known as Confesión de Amor (Confession of Love)Confesión is an example of the genre known as romanza, a slow, melodic piece in duple metre expressive of romantic feeling. Barrios wrote this work in 1923 and recorded it on 21st June, 1928. Here he places the melody in the bass register with the harmonic accompaniment in the upper voices. A profound knowledge of the instrument is necessary to achieve this type of textural writing, and Confesión, together with his Romanza en Imitación al Violoncello, is a masterful display of virtuosity and skill. (Naxos – Rico Stover)”

Recommended Sheet Music
Complete Works of Agustin Barrios Mangore, Vol. 1 (Stover)

Recommended Video Performance
Tariq Harb Plays Confesion by Barrios
Gian Marco Ciampa Plays Confesion by Barrios

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