Dublin Guitar Quartet Plays Aheym by Bryce Dessner

Dublin Guitar Quartet performing their transcription of Aheym (Homeward) by Bryce Dessner. Originally commissioned by the Kronos Quartet in 2009. This comes via their great YouTube Channel. Transcription by Brian Bolger and the Dublin Guitar Quartet and was approved by the composer. Impressive ensemble playing all around and an exciting performance to match! As their bio states, “With the help of eight and eleven-string guitars the quartet has created an original catalogue of arrangements by composers such Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arvo Part and Gyorgy Ligeti.”

More info via press release: “The video for ‘Aheym’ was shot in the ballroom at Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co.Offally, Ireland. Dessner approved this production at a meeting between the DGQ and the composer at the 2017 Sounds From a Safe Harbour Festival, Co. Cork. The video was directed by Laura Sheeran and produced by The Dublin Guitar Quartet…”

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