DUO Singer & Fischer Play Brouwer

DUO Singer & Fischer – Sébastien Singer (cello) and André Fischer (guitar) play Dialogos de la Isla y el Mar (1. Movement) by Leo Brouwer  (b.1939) with Fischer on a 1968 Daniel Friederich guitar. This comes via Siccas Guitars and their great YouTube channel. Excellent piece by Brouwer and a superb performance. Check out this fantastic quote from Brouwer:

“The singer & fischer duo always causes great impact on the audience, adding to their playing a high virtuosity, perfect blend with a wide repertoire from baroque to current music. In the world premiere of my piece Dialogues of the Island and the Sea, recently January 10 of this year, the entire public noticed a level of perfection so high that applauses became a clamorous storm.This program caused me a great impression. Thank you for motivating me to write for your excellent duo.” – Leo Brouwer, Zürich, January 2019

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