Enea Leone Plays Bach…again, in Venice

Enea-Leone-BachOnce again we hear Enea Leone play Allegro BWV 1005 by Bach. The previous video (shown again at the bottom) was filled with amazing cool shots from inside the guitar, multiple angles, changing perspectives and more! Looks like he reuses a bunch of footage here (not cool) but we do get cool shots of Venice (pretty cool). Where does he find the time and money for all these fantastic shots? So I guess I’m posting this as a travel blog today! Could be a new career path for me…definitely more lucrative!

Video Link & Source: https://youtu.be/_bCd55rFhXM

Video Link & Source: https://youtu.be/WP9FCWujsmY


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  1. We at http://www.gruppoaturia.com support the activity of M°Enea Leone financing some of his videos. This is our contribute to the classical guitar world. I hope you appreciate the initiative.
    He finds the time working hard many many hours per day, he teaches at the local music school and at two conservatories gettig flight connections from Milan to Sardinia twice a week. In the meantime he studies, works in recording studios and writes publications (Sor, Castelnuovo Tedesco and many others).
    We really appreciate his dedication to the music and to the guitar.
    Please visit our You tube channel, your comments are highly appreciated.

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