Cochran & McAllister Play Concerto BWV 972 by Bach

Matthew Cochran and Matthew McAllister perform Concerto in D Major BWV 972 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) after Antonio Vivaldi and arranged by Katrin Klingeberg and Sebastian Montes. Recorded in June 2023 at the Cathedral Barn in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. This comes via McAllister’s YouTube channel. Great performance and nice to hear the entire concerto.

Out of interest, above is a harpsichord performance by Richard Egarr. This comes via the amazing Netherlands Bach Society and their YouTube from their project All of Bach where they write:

In 1713, Prince Johann Ernst of Saxe-Weimar returned from the Netherlands full of enthusiasm. He had heard lots of good music and brought back many new music publications to Weimar. His enthusiasm was shared by Johann Sebastian Bach, who was 28 at the time and working at Weimar as court organist and chamber musician. Sometimes on commission from Johann Ernst and sometimes of his own accord, he arranged a great number of concertos from Italy for organ or harpsichord. And when Bach arranged something, or rather rewrote it, he couldn’t resist giving it a personal twist. This was also the case with this Concerto in D major, a harpsichord version of Vivaldi’s Concerto in D major for violin and orchestra, RV 230 (concert no. 9 from Vivaldi’s collection L’estro armonico). Harpsichordist Richard Egarr explains, for example, how Bach added an interesting part for the left hand in the third movement, and how in the first movement he fitted a whole string orchestra onto one harpsichord, while also making the music more appropriate for keyboard.

via Netherlands Bach Society

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