Daniel Shoskes Plays Fantasie by Morlaye on Renaissance Guitar

Daniel Shoskes, aka Kidney Kutter (he’s a Urologist) plays Fantasie by Guillaume Morlaye (c.1510–c.1558) on Renaissance Guitar by Dan Larson. This comes via Shoskes’ great YouTube channel. Charming piece and well played. Morlaye was a French lutenist, composer and music publisher. Here’s what Shoskes had to say about it on YouTube: “From Morlaye’s first book of Renaissance Guitar music from the 16th Century here is a fantasie. Amazing the polyphony he could write on only 4 strings. Performed by Daniel Shoskes on a Larson Renaissance Guitar.”

I’m always a bit confused by all the names for Renaissance Guitars and Vihuelas as there are many regional names for the instruments. I asked Daniel, and he replied, “Viheula has 6 courses and is tuned like a Renaissance lute. Renaissance Guitar has 4 courses and is tuned like a Uke.” I tried to look up Dan Larson’s instruments which led me to this great early music store/collective, Gamut Music down in Duluth, Minnesota.

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