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FlashTrack is a microphone that has built-in digital signal processors (DSP) which allows users to adjust their sound, effects, and simulate other iconic microphones instantly without external software or plugins. Powered by USB-C, FlashTrack can connect to your mobile devices or laptops instantly and start recording. If you care about audio quality of your content, it is your go to solution to elevate to another level just in a flash.

My Review

Big thanks to CloudVocal for sending over a FlashTrack to test and demo. I was super interested in the FastTrack because it integrates a microphone, interface, and effects processor into one unit. I usually record with two mics, an audio interface, and Logic Pro as my software but that is a lot of expensive gear, knowledge, and variables. So where does the FastTrack shine? Well, with only have one cord going to your phone, tablet, or computer it’s pretty convenient. Plus, having on-board EQ and effects might make working on your phone or tablet a bit more simple if you want to skip post-production. I was most interested in it’s application for zoom lessons or streaming.

You have a ton of options if you’re just looking for a usb mic. I usually use my Audio Technica 2020usbi for zoom and live streaming and it’s great, I plug in one cord and it sounds super clean and has very low noise. Since all the money is going into just the mic I get the best possible mic and sound for my dollars. But it doesn’t have any EQ or effects, so that is the trade off. So in the end, the FlashTrack is a not replacement high quality gear but an interesting tool for certain situations. Priced at only $299 USD, that puts it into a price range where one can afford to add it to their existing setup.

I found the sound of the mic was pretty good without EQ or other settings. For the soft quiet sound of the classical guitar it’s not the lowest noise with it’s 46dB low-noise preamplifier circuit but if the instrument is close it is very decent for the price range. As for the many settings I’d say most classical guitarists will want to use only very subtle amounts of EQ and barely noticeable reverb as I demonstrate in the video. Here a link to my video review if you want to watch it on YouTube.


The CloudVocal FastTrack DSP Microphone is a very interesting tool for the modern musician. It’s your microphone, recording interface, and effects processor in one simple unit. Whether your recording, on the move, switching to various devices, or want on-board control of eq and effects, all your presets and setting are waiting for you on one device. The only decision you’ll have to make is that you can get a better microphone for the same amount of money but it won’t have all if any of these settings or adjustments. My recommendation is that this is an interesting piece of gear for the collection that is great for certain situations. I look forward to experimenting with it more.


See tons of info and full list of Specs and Features at CloudVocal’s FlashTrack page.

FlashTrack uses a 1-inch cardioid condenser capsule capable of withstanding 130dB SPL and a built-in 46dB low-noise preamplifier circuit. It also has an X-shaped silicone shock mount to prevent absorbing mechanical vibrations. With its built-in digital signal processors, you can adjust the volume, EQ, and add effects like reverb and compression without additional software or knowledge. In addition to recording with the condensor mic, their impulse response (IR) technology brings modeling of a dynamic or ribbon mic to the mix. Also notable, is the convenient mute button on the front of the unit and looping features. It supports both 3.5mm analog and Bluetooth inputs in stereo and it connects easily to your phone, tablet ,or laptop through USB-C in 24 bit, and up to 192KHz. The pop filter is great for voice use and I like how the tripod works but that it also can sit on your desk without it.


  • EQ – There are 3 presets in the EQ: warm, clear, or bright.There is also an adjustable MyEQ with a six-band EQ adjustment to save as a personal preference. 
  • Compression – There are 4 types of compressor settings: Cast+ for podcast and voice-over, Punch+, Sing+, and Dyna+ for instruments. Again, there is a MyEQ where you can set threshold, ratio, gain, attack time, and release time.   
  • Reverb – There are 4 different presets for reverb: Modern, Concert, Live, Classic, K-Ok . There is also a programmable MyReverb to create your own.

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  1. Would love to see a series of videos on recording classical guitar. Classical guitarists usually do not have the experience of what gear needed to make nice recordings. Wish this was a topic taught at more conservatories and colleges. Especially how to add a splash of reverb to recordings. Thanks for your great reviews and content.