Giacomo Susani Quintet with QuartettoCMantova

QuartettoCMantova and Giacomo Susani (guitar) perform Quintet written by Susani. This comes via his YouTube Channel. Susani is an Italian classical guitarist based in London. Some great ensemble work with all the precise group articulations. Refined playing and composing by Susani, very well planned out and executed. Score published by Armelin Musica (Padova – Italy), you can read a review in Classical Guitar Magazine here. QuartettoCMantova is: Luca Braga (Violin), Pierantonio Cazzulani (Violin), Klaus Manfrini (Viola), and Paolo Perucchetti (Cello).

The movements are I. La Tempesta, II. Liberamente, non troppo lento, III. Omaggio a Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

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