Book: Giggin’ for a Livin’ by Jennifer McCoy Blaske

Giggin’ for a Livin’
How to Make Money as a Musician Playing for Weddings and Special Events
by Jennifer McCoy Blaske
Kindle eBook: 64 pages
Publication Date: November 24, 2016

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Atlanta Pianist and Author Jennifer McCoy Blaske sent me a note about her nice new eBook on performing at gigs. When it comes down to it, there is a great deal of money and fun in playing gigs but only if you do it well. If organized and structured your gigs will be enjoyable and allow you to feel confident. I started playing gigs at a young age and had tons of bad experiences but I slowly learned what I wanted out of them and now quite enjoy the experience. You are the one who is in control! Check out this book and you can skip the learning curve and go right to it.

It covers her personal experiences as an event pianist and gives tips about networking with other wedding professionals, responding to leads for gigs, setting prices, blogging for business as a musician, and more.

Here is a small promo quote:

How Much Do I Charge?

When I started, not only did I have no idea how to figure out what to charge, I didn’t even know how to charge. Hourly? Flat rate? Should there be an extra charge for requests? What about travel?

For the first several months I was making up quotes on the fly. I’d blurt out a number based on how desperate and/or insecure I was at that moment, whatever the latest marketing book or article I’d read said, or however big or small I imagined their budget was—based on the venue. It was very confusing for everyone involved. I would not recommend this pricing method.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you’re deciding your pricing. Let’s look at the biggies.

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