Hamish Strathdee Plays Hika (In memoriam Toru Takemitsu) by Brouwer

Hamish Strathdee performs Hika (In memoriam Toru Takemitsu) by Leo Brouwer (b.1939) via a live performance, Darmstadt 2021. This comes via Strathdee’s YouTube channel (go subscribe). Cuban composer Brouwer was a close friend of Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. Hika (In Memoriam Toru Takemitsu) was composed shortly after the Takemitsu’s death. Hika means ‘elegy’ or ‘song of mourning’. I really enjoy Strathdee’s performance with plenty of contrasts between textures and colouration. His beautiful and gentle moments meet intense explosions and outbursts.

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