Igor Klokov Classical Guitar Concert

Igor Klokov performs a classical guitar concert with repertoire by Scarlatti, Rodrigo, Tedesco, Santorsola, and Mertz. This comes via Siccas Guitars and their YouTube channel. Wonderful concert with some beautifully clean and articulated performances and some amazing contrasts from sweet introverted textures to extroverted flourishes.

Repertoire & Times

  • 00:00 Igor sends greetings
  • 00:25 Sonara K. 14 by Domenico Scarlatti
  • 03:24 Danza y Ivocacion by Joaquin Rodrigo
  • 11:57 Passacaglia by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedeso
  • Sonata No. 4 (Italiana) by Guido Santórsola
    • 20:51 I – Allegro energico
    • 24:36 II – Reverie
    • 30:07 III – Alla Tarantella
  • 33:01 HARMONIE DU SOIR – Grande Fantaisie by J. K. Mertz

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