Interview and performance with David Russell

A great little interview with the amazing David Russell. He talks about his guitar by famed luthier Matthias Dammann (Germany). I like how he discusses his interaction with Dammann and his limited knowledge of guitar construction. As a performer he wants a certain sound and the luthier gives it to him. Magic as they say. Interesting fact about his friendship and arrangement connection with Gerald Garcia.

Video link and below quote via WGBH Music

Live in the Fraser Performance Studio at WGBH in Boston, legendary classical guitarist David Russell performs “My Gentle Harp”.

Cathy Fuller hosts this episode of Drive Time Live on Classical New England, 99.5 FM in Boston.

Russell added a Grammy Award to his overflowing trophy shelf in 2005. David Russell is world renowned for his superb musicianship and inspired artistry, having earned the highest praise from audiences and critics alike. He spends his time touring the world, appearing regularly at prestigious halls in main cities, such as New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto or Rome. Concert-goers everywhere are in awe of his musical genius and inspired by his captivating stage presence. His love of his craft resonates through his flawless and seemingly effortless performance. The attention to detail and provocative lyrical phrasing suggest an innate understanding of what each individual composer was working to achieve, bringing to each piece a sense of adventure.

Video Credits:
Recording Engineer – Antonio Oliart
Producer – Alan McLellan
Camera/Editing – Greg Shea
Host – Cathy Fuller
Executive Producer – Benjamin K. Roe

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  1. Nice piece. Guitar sounds very good. Mr. Russell is a very good player as it seems he lives it and loves it. I to try to do the same.