Interview: Stefan Schmidt and the Art of Teaching

An interview about the art of teaching with German musician, guitarist and pedagogue Stefan Schmidt, February 2020, Friedberg, Germany. This comes via the Kordiuk Guitar Platform via their YouTube channel. Just a shout out to those to made the film via Schmidt’s Facebook “Many thanks to Ihor Kordiuk for his energy and dedication! Thanks for the perfect synchronization to Julian Schmidt! Many thanks, too, for the nice words at the end of the video by Nadja Jankovicc, Jessica Kaiser and Sixstringmusic Frankfurt Frankfurt (Markus Paichrowski)!”

Stefan Schmidt has helped develop some of the world’s most amazing profession and emerging guitarists. From youth students to young adult professionals and adults he creates musical artists with refinement at every level. I’ve been so curious to hear more about his teaching, he gives workshops on it and hopefully one day I can attend one. Enjoy this 36 minute interview. So many great tips, this is essentially how to teacher properly with care and respect.

“The focus is on the work of a teacher rather than the work of a student. If a teacher is the one who is responsible for the success of a lesson then teaching is much more fun. You have it in your hands and are no longer dependent on whether the student has practiced or not. The student comes in, delivers, and I am the one who can change everything. So as a teacher I have to set myself a goal, where do we want to be at the end of the lesson. Make yourself comfortable, design your teaching in such a way that you enjoy every lesson you give.”

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