Irene Gómez Plays Se Sya and Fughetta pour elle by Amos Coulanges

Irene Gómez performs Se Sya and Fughetta pour elle by Amos Coulanges (b.1954). This comes via Gómez’s YouTube channel and Siccas Guitars and their YouTube channel. Great performances by Gómez with an excellent rhythmic delivery and sensitive voice independence in the Fughetta. Haitian composer and guitarist Amos Coulanges, based in France, has a wealth of works to explore and these two videos show some variety in the style of his compositions. He is also well known as a film composer. Gómez mentions this on her website:

It was in my first years in Paris as a student when I first got aware of the music by Haitian composer Amos Coulanges. This was thanks to a friend of mine from Canada married to a talented painter who lived in Paris. She was a big fan of Amos and she introduced me to his great musical art. The universal Caribean genious Leo Brouwer, said about the music by Amos Coulanges: “The music of Amos Coulanges is truly representative of his Haitian culture: fresh as a landscape, direct as the trait of the Creole youth but at the same time equally complex…How can you combine so many diverse things into one? This can only be done in our Caribbean Islands. Thus the music of Amos Coulanges.”

via Irene Gómez: The music of Amos Coulanges

Sheet Music and Bio – You can find quite a bit of Amos Coulanges’s music at Les Productions d’OZ here where they also have a nice little bio:

Amos Coulanges, Guitar

Amos Coulanges was born in Haïti (Port Au Prince, 1954). He was awarded the First Prize in the 7th Carrefour Mondial de la Guitare by Leo Brouwer, in Martinique. He has long been in the guitar class of professor Javier Quevedo at l’École Normale de musique de Paris and at the Saint-Germain-en-Layes conservatory. While being a seasoned concert player, he also teaches music education and choral repertoire in Paris as a certified teacher. Amos Coulanges also composes works for guitar and flute, mixed voices choir and film soundtracks. His music takes inspiration from Haïti and its heritage, as well as various cultural influences. He performs on a regular basis in Paris in solo, or in duo with singer Kécita Clénard.

Les Productions d’OZ


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  1. Thanks for sharing the work of Irene Gomez as well as Amos Coulanges! I had never heard of them before now.