JiJi Plays Occhi Io Vissi Di Voi by Sessa

JIJI performs Occhi Io Vissi Di Voi by Claudia Sessa (c.1570-1617). This comes via Guitar Salon International and their YouTube channel. Claudia Sessa was an Italian composer and a nun at the convent of Santa Maria Annunciata in Milan. She composed two sacred works published in 1613, Occhi io vissi di voi and Vatteme pur Lascivia. Great playing by JIJI who adds plenty of flourishes and ornamentation/improvisation. I talked to her and this is her own arrangement with ornamentation and an open free interpretation. The arpeggiated flourishes with ornaments at the end are very lute-like and common to the era and she embraces it fully. All of JIJI’s projects and performances are super engaging with top notch playing, always looking forward to more.

Here’s a vocal recording of the work via this Tactus / Naxos Album with ensemble Cappella Artemisia and conductor Candace Smith.

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