Hotlink: John Schneider 13 Questions [via Prepared Guitar]

John Schneider, GuitarA nice article/interview via Prepared Guitar with the fantastic guitarist John Schneider. Schneider is well known for his work with just-intonation and micro-tonality as well as his performances of Lou Harrison, John Cage, and Harry Partch. Schneider has been hailed as “Unforgettable” by the San Francisco Chronicle and “A mind-boggling experience….” – Guitar Player Magazine. His recording of Partch is of particular interest and even landed him a nomination for “Best Classical Compendium” at the Grammys.

Here’s an excerpt, read the full article here.

Q: Can you describe a sound experience that you believe contributed to your becoming a musician?

A: At the tender age of nine, I was on a beach with some family friends, and a kid a few years older pulled out a ukelele – I was completely captivated. How in the world could changing where he put finger of his left hand produce such amazing difference——chords! I had to possess this magic….and ended up getting a baritone uke a few months later.

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