John Schnieder – Interview and Performance on Microtonal Guitar

The amazing John Schneider discusses microtonal music and the experimental 1976 Daniel Friederich meantone guitar with David Collett, president of Guitar Salon International. Part 1 of 3, with performances by Mak Grgic. Recorded at the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA. This comes via the GSI YouTube channel. I’ve feature John Schnieder many times on the site including reviews of his fantastic albums but also his book on contemporary guitar. He is an amazing musician and champion of new music, just intonation and microtonal music.

Here’s a video interview and some performances of Lou Harrison. I think this is part one of three so I’ll update this post as more videos come out. John plays his 1982 Bob Mattingly guitar with custom Interchangeable Fingerboards by Novatone.

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