Noah and Johnson Play Arcaro Op.3a-3b

Vitor Noah and Bradley Johnson perform Ricercare Op.3a and Ciaconna Op.3b by Rafael Marino Arcaro (b.1990). This comes via via Arcaro’s YouTube and Siccas Guitars and their YouTube. Brilliant performance by Johnson of the very challenging and engaging Ciaconna. I saw Johnson mention on Facebook that, “This piece is the companion to the “ricercare”, op.3a, recorded in 2019 by Vitor Noah and it was written in 2017-18 with revisions in 2019, 2020 and 2021.” So looked up the Ricercare and I really liked it as well. It has a beautiful concise quality to it that reminds me a little of Hans Werner Henze. Played on a 1994 David Rubio guitar.

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