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Journey Instruments – Classical Cedar Pau Ferro OC520
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As you can tell in the video, I had quite a bit of fun looking at the Journey Instruments Classical Cedar Pau Ferro – OC520 collapsable travel classical guitar. When they first contacted me I was a bit skeptical of doing a review of a travel guitar but I was pleasantly surprised at how well designed and charming this instrument is to play. The detachable neck is rock solid, easy to setup, and the action and playability of the guitar was great right out of the box. The tone is warm, mellow, and has a plucky quality, kind of like a 19th century guitar. The travel bag is perfect, will fit in any overhead plane. It’s a soft case but that might be good for planes and airport security size-wise. Plus, it has a built in under-bridge transducer pickup system. The only thing I didn’t like was the little plastic string holder on the head but it’s likely a necessary and practical addition to keep the strings in place. The price is amazingly affordable at around $649. It’s not a concert level instrument but it is far more than just a travel guitar. Most travel guitars are actually just smaller instruments but this one is a full 650mm scale length so you can practice properly on the go. I usually sell my review instruments but I think I’ll keep this one for travel and practice.

Update – That’s not a metal strip around the fingerboard on the body, it’s a removable rubbery pad. I didn’t realize it came off in the video. Looks better now!  

Essential Specs

  • Removable Neck
  • Soundboard: Solid Cedar
  • Back & Sides: Laminate Pau Ferro
  • Case: Custom-designed travel guitar backpack engineered to fit in airline carry-on compartment
  • Pickup: Proprietary under-bridge transducer pickup system
  • Torres Style Bracing
  • 650mm Full Classical Scale
  • Finish: Matte polyurethane
  • Carbon fiber reinforced Spanish shape with two-way adjustable truss rod
  • See full specs (extensive) at Journey Instruments

From Journey Instruments

Patented removable neck system allows this classical travel guitar to collapse into an airline carry-on size case for the traveling musician or backpacker. The Overhead carries a clear resonant tone with surprising volume and bass. The relatively small body size is able to carry a full sound through the use of a Manzer wedge which increases the air volume while keeping the top of the guitar close to the body for comfort. Also includes tone-enhancing premium-grade bone nut and saddle, along with ebony bridge pins.


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  1. Hi Bradford, Does this play and sound as well as beginner guitars like Cordoba C3, C5, and Yamaha C40II?
    It is tad more expensive, but since it travels well, maybe it is a good beginner guitar besides a good travel guitar for more advance players.
    Best regard, Victor

    • It doesn’t compare to normal guitars I’d say but normal guitars don’t fold up so…In the end, I’d recommend having a regular guitar but if this seems perfect for some reason then get it as a travel guitar for travel only.

  2. Hi Bradford, thank you very much for this review! I’m thinking of buying one of these, and your video and article has helped a lot. One question I still have is how well this guitar is playable with a guitar support? Do you have an opinion on that? I use a Gitano support but would be willing to switch to something different in case that works better:)

    • Just make sure to check the finish on the guitar. A matte finish won’t hold suction cups nicely. Although you can always use an adhesive vinyl thing but some people are not into putting that on a guitar.

  3. Hi Bradford, I am trying to buy one of these Journey travel guitars, but it looks like they are no longer available. Can you shed any light as to whether they are still in business? thanks,

  4. Hello Classical Guitar—I’m a new subscriber and enjoy your music videos and esp your review of the travel guitar mentioned above. You performed two pieces to illustrate the travel guitar. I am familiar with the first one —Lágrima by Tárrega but not the other. Can you please send me info re the title and composer? If available I would like the score as well.

    Thank you.

    David León
    Portland OR