Julia Trintschuk Plays Sonata No. 1 by Guastavino

Julia Trintschuk, guitar

Julia Trintschuk plays Sonata No. 1 Allegro by Carlos Guastavino on a 2016 Roy Fankhänel Special Edition guitar. This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars and their fantastic YouTube channel. “Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000) was one of the foremost Argentine composers of the 20th century. His production amounted to over 500 works, most of them songs for piano and voice, many still unpublished.” Read more about him via Wiki. I don’t know much about Guastavino but he did write three sonatas for guitar and a handful of chamber music including guitar which is treat considering his output for other instruments.

Sheet Music: Three sonatas via Sheet Music Plus (I haven’t seen this edition): Sonatas 1-3 by Guastavino


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  1. You of course are great and talented and know the emotions involved with what you are playing. I love your artistry.

    I would love to hear you do a concert via youtube. The pandemic is not over. There are many of us not being called back to work. And, of course, the US leader doesn’t know how to deal with the pandemic, meaning that you won’t come over here for a concert (and I wouldn’t either.) I would love for you to give a concert on youtube. I listen to all of your previous recordings and would like to hear what you are currently doing now. You are the best.

    Jerry S
    Minnesota, USA