Kanahi Yamashita Salon Concert

Kanahi Yamashita plays a salon style concert set on a number of different guitars via Siccas Guitars and their fantastic YouTube channel. Amazing playing by Kanahi Yamashita. I love her wide range of musicality and contrasts between soft lyrical phrasing and strict angular playing. It’s exciting and diverse playing but also refined. Since her childhood in Nagasaki, Japan, Kanahi Yamashita was a member of the amazing Yamashita Family Quintet. I had the pleasure of meeting both Kazuhito and Kanahi Yamashita many years back when I hosted his masterclass in Victoria.

Times and Repertoire

  • 00:00 Kanahi Yamashita plays Preludium by John Dowland on an 1827 Lacote
  • 01:19 Kanahi Yamashita plays Prelude from BWV1009 by J.S. Bach on a 1936 Gomez Ramirez
  • 05:25 Kanahi Yamashita plays Menuet Op.11 No.6 in A-Major by Fernando Sor on a Wolfgang Jellinghaus Torres 77
  • 07:43 Kanahi Yamashita plays Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tárrega on a 1982 José Romanillos
  • 11:28 Kanahi Yamashita plays Alba by Hans Haug on a 1964 Manuel Reyes

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