Kassandra Siebel Plays Final, Sonata para guitarra by José

Kassandra Siebel plays the 4th movement Final from Sonata para guitarra by Antonio José (1902-1936). This comes via the excellent Siccas Guitars in Germany and their YouTube. Amazing performance by Siebel with some super fluid passages and great dynamic control and articulations. This is one of the great modern Spanish works for guitar and simply one of the most significant long form sonata works for the instrument. This was José’s only work for guitar, composed in 1933. Maurice Ravel apparently said of Antonio José: “He will become the Spanish composer of our century”. Movements of the sonata are: I Allegro moderato; II Minueto; III Pavana triste; IV Final. Recommended Sheet Music: Sonata para guitarra by José (Berben).


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  1. Wow, what a great piece! You can certainly hear the Ravel influence–for me not especially in the 4th movement here (but what an amazing player Siebel is!!) but certainly in the first movement–listening to the video from Goran Krivokapić on youtube now.