Kevin Loh Plays Candómbatan by Pujol

Singapore guitarist Kevin Loh plays Candómbatan from Cuatros Piezas Cristalinas by Argentine composer Máximo Diego Pujol (b. 1957). This comes via his YouTube channel. Loh is a wonderful player with nice phrasing and solid technique and seems like a super nice guy. He’s been doing some great work from his recent debut for the President’s Young Performers Concert with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, to chamber music and solo concerts. His pacing and calm delivery fo the fast musical lines perfectly fits this pretty little work. He’s recording the whole set so go subscribe.

Side note, I’m always interested in recording gear and he’s getting a pretty amazing sound from that little Sony PCM D10 recorder. Sometimes I think the compressed sound of these little recorders actually does a better job on classical guitar to keep the midtones in check. Also, you can get the sheet music vis SMP as part of the collection of four works Piezas Cristalinas by Pujol.

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