Konstantin Vassiliev Guitar Works by Yuri Liberzon

Konstantin Vassiliev Guitar Works

Konstantin Vassiliev Guitar Works 1
Yuri Liberzon (Soloist) & Patrick O’Connell (Duets)
Naxos Records

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Wonderful to hear Yuri Liberzon present the solo works of Konstantin Vassiliev as well as duets with guitarist Patrick O’Connell. Yuri Liberzon delights with clear and expressive playing ranging from sweet flowing melodies to exciting and articulated dances. Here’s the album description and more about Vassiliev:

Konstantin Vassiliev’s music synthesises several different styles including jazz, Russian folk music and contemporary Western traditions. This album contains music written over a 22-year period, with three works composed specifically for guitar soloist Yuri Liberzon. The Hommage à Tom Jobin was inspired by one of the creators of the bossa nova style, while the melancholic and lyrical contrasts of Rose in the Snow reveal Vassiliev’s gift for storytelling. Arias, romantic miniatures, variations and multi-character episodes further reveal Vassiliev to be a vibrant and exciting composer of wide-ranging gifts.

via Naxos Records

Videos of Repertoire from the Album

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