Kostas Tosidis Plays György Ligeti’s Cello Sonata


Greek guitarist Kostas Tosidis Plays György Ligeti’s (1923–2006) Cello Sonata arranged for guitar Kostas Tosidis. This sonata is part of the album “Unreal City” by Kostas Tosidis. You can read my review of the album here. Includes 5 sonatas by A.Ginastera, A. Ourkouzounov, T.Hurwitz, C.Halffter and G.Ligeti. Record Label – Contrastes Records, May 2014. Kostas Tosidis, an accomplished guitarist already, is a PhD Candidate at the Mozarteum University Salzburg, Austria, working on transcriptions of Contemporary cello sonatas to the guitar.

The fast Capriccio is at 6:20 so keep watching.

FYI, the sheet music is going to out soon via Schott (I’ll post a link when it’s out).


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