Kupinski Duo Play Chopin Mazurkas

Kupinski-DuoKupinski Duo (Ewa Jablczynska & Dariusz Kupinski), play so well worked out arrangements of Frederic Chopin’s Mazurka op. 24 no. 2 Mazurka op. 17 no. 4 Mazurka op. 41 no. 3. Arr. Kupinski Guitar Duo. I’m sure I love Chopin on guitar but I can’t help but appreciate how this duo has worked out the motifs and phrasing so intricately. Very impressive. Guitars via Philip Woodfield. I love this recording location, some kind of abandoned old warehouse or something?

Video Link & Source: http://youtu.be/53G6PnVjs_I

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  1. I like this duo, the bloke is very very good, and the gal is a great ensemble player but their does seem to be some disparity between the two players technical abilities. Mind you that’s something that makes their work all the more charming.

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