LAGQ Play with Dweezil Zappa

LAGQ & Zappa

The LAGQ is joined by Dweezil Zappa (yes, son of Frank). This is mostly weird but I figure that is okay since Frank Zappa was never a stranger to weird. If only Moon Unit Zappa were there too. Here’s the YouTube quote from Tennant: “After a 5 minute runthrough we got this together! “Son of Mr. Green Genes” by Frank Z., solos by Dweezil Z. The Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival (COCGF), affectionately called the ‘Crown’ by the artists and concert-goers, is a wonderful week-long event in Northern Montana, near Glacier National Park. Thanks for joining us, Dweezil! Recorded at the concert on August 30th, 2015. Sound admittedly is not the best. Apologies to the audiophiles. AND I hope you enjoy my missed chord change mid-way!”

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