Leonora Spangenberger (11) plays Allegro by Bach


Another great youth player, Leonora Spangenberger (11) plays Allegro BWV 998 by J. S. Bach on a 2003 Curt Claus Voigt guitar. Video via Siccas Guitars on YouTube, a great source for high quality videos as of late. Bravo. I like the calm and thoughtful playing so rare in eleven year olds (not that many 11 year olds are busting out Bach in their spare time). Ergoplays definitely helping with guitar position. Nice work Leonora!

Sheet music via Amazon: The Solo Lute Works of Johann Sebastian Bach: Edited for Guitar by Frank Koonce

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  1. Beautiful! Restraint with intense feeling . . . successful riskiness in enjoying the interior of pivotal notes. Riveting, virtuosic phrasing and real, overwhelming guts in the crescendos. Thank you. You moved me. I’ll share this with many. I’m a guitarist, in love with my own playing, and always looking for an experience like this, perhaps with the same out-of-control ardor an opium junky leaves the house in search of his next fix. This is the first time I’ve heard what bowed strings can do that I know a guitar cannot reach. Unabashedly, Wow!