Lex Eisenhardt (Baroque Guitar) Plays Suite in D Minor by Visée

Lex Eisenhardt (Baroque guitar) performs Suite in D Minor by Robert de Visée (1650-1725). This comes vis his Youtube channel. I was listening to lots of Visée this week as I arranged my Sarabande edition from a different suite and loved this video by the excellent Lex Eisenhardt from the Netherlands. Eisenhardt has long been performing on early plucked instruments, such as the vihuela, the baroque guitar, and the 19th-century Romantic guitar. There is something wonderfully plucky and charming about the Baroque guitar. The strums and rhythmic delivery for this repertoire sounds much more idiomatic compared to the modern guitar. It makes so much sense of Visée’s music that can not otherwise be played as if part of the regular Baroque fare.

  • 00:04 prelude
  • 00:34 allemande
  • 02:52 courante
  • 04:03 sarabande
  • 05:25 gavotte
  • 06:15 bourée
  • 07:00 menuet 1 and 2
  • 09:40 gigue
  • 10:59 passacaille
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