Lorenzo Micheli Plays Kleine Variationen über Schuberts Wiegenlied by Rebay

Lorenzo Micheli plays Kleine Variationen über Schuberts Wiegenlied für Gitarre-Solo (1940) by Ferdinand Rebay (1880-1953) on a guitar made by Miguel Simplicio, Barcelona 1934. This comes via Micheli’s fantastic YouTube channel. Wonderful playing by Micheli with both beautiful phrasing but also amazing clarity to articulations and voicing. Here’s his YouTube blurb:

Ferdinand Rebay (1880-1953) was a viennese pianist, choir conductor and composer. He studied music theory under Robert Fuchs from 1901 to 1904, and was appointed to the faculty of the Wiener Akademie in 1920.

On April 13, 1940, Rebay completed this short cycle of Variations on Franz Schubert’s “Wiegenlied” D 498. Schubert’s music is a frequent source of inspiration in Rebay’s solo and chamber music for guitar.

Movements and Video Times

  • Thema. Langsam 0:00
  • I. L’istesso tempo 1:10
  • II. Lento – Sarabande 1:57
  • III. 2:52
  • IV. Langsam 4:00
  • V. Flüchtig bewegt 4:54
  • VI. Markig 5:35
  • Coda. Ganz langsam und leise ausklingend 6:17

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